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The Wildland Journal – Pinhoti Trail

One of my favorite aspects of backpacking is getting to introduce new enthusiasts to it. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to introduce half a dozen young men to this worthwhile pursuit, and this trip was a long awaited opportunity to take my fourteen year old nephew and eighteen year old brother on their first and second backpacking trips respectively. Tackling a 24 hour Greyhound trip each way from and to his home in Houston, my brother and I laughed at the fact that he literally spent more time on the road than we did in the actual woods.

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Etowah Indian Mounds

While my wife is in Alaska, I’ve been experiencing her stay-at-home mom life for going on five days now, and one important technique I have learned now is the importance of burning off excess energy at regular intervals. Particularly for the boys, if energy is allowed to build up, it finds a way to escape, usually by way of fighting, irritating whoever is around, or getting hurt. In an effort to avoid all of this, we visited one of my favorite nearby spots today, the prehistoric mounds on the edge of the Etowah River.

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Disassembling Opinel No.6 Folder – Swapping Blades

If you buy Opinel folding knives with the intention of customizing them, one of the first things you might want to explore is the basic disassembly. The wonderful simplicity is one of the aspects of this design that made it innovative for it’s time and an enduring style to be carried even today. Completely disassembled, this folder is composed of only five distinct pieces – the wood handle, the blade, an inner collar, a pin, and an outer collar/viroblock.

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My Top 5 “Bushcraft” Blades

Over the course of the last few years, my love of knives has moved through different phases and dozens of knives have passed through my hands. Nearly all of those knives have gone on to other owners eventually, as I don’t like to keep knives around that I don’t use, but a handful have proven to be such gems that they’re high in my mind for performance:value consideration.

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